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Toyota Music Factory

Toyota Music Factory is a world-class entertainment destination as diverse as the world of music itself. With its central location in Las Colinas, Toyota Music Factory is the soul of the DFW Metroplex – bringing an energy that will satisfy any taste.

Hall is an emcee, a professional host of events whose job is to keep things moving and do it in the most regaling way. Emcees are part talk show host and part comedian, but Hall is a bit more than that. Put a microphone in his hand, he’s also an encourager, psychoanalyst, massager of egos, and keeper of the peace. In all, he’s an A-list entertainer who moves a crowd even when it does not know it is being moved.

“That’s the kind of thing you want to see in a host,” said Murlin Graham, who hired Hall for the Las Colinas Field Day. As a staffer in event and promotions for the Toyota Music Factory, Graham is no stranger to emcees.

“He’s funny, super quick, and knows how to keep everything under control,” Graham said. “When I saw him at the marathon it was clear he knew what he was doing. He wasn’t one of those guys just saying whatever to keep things moving. It’s almost as though he had it all scripted out.”

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